Home Fragrance- Haven

Home Fragrance- Haven

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A kaleidoscope of olfactory nuances are apparent in Haven with notes of Copal, Vetiver and Sandalwood.  The fragrance is neither masculine nor feminine- it breaks boundaries with its refreshing, healing properties.  A fragrant musk initially grabs your attention and mellows into a smooth, clean finish that does not linger.

Each bottle of Haven comes with a moon-infused quartz crystal meant for you to set your own positive intentions in the crystal, drop in the bottle, and spritz generously throughout your space to create your own person HAVEN.

Haven is made from all natural, ethically and globally sourced essential oils.  It can be used for general room energy clearing, general fragrance needs, freshening bed linens and towels, on your person, refreshing the senses and more.

It is important to cherish your bottle of Haven- keep away from heat and direct sunlight.  Store in a cool dry place.

Ships ground 5-7 days, Domestic only.